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Build your own Minecraft server with the most powerful Ryzen 9 CPUs currently offered.

Stellanode's Minecraft hosting services support Java and Bedrock Edition and come with active control panel development to make it easier to manage your server. Our control panel allows you to install any server software type, and one-click modpack installers are available for your convenience.

DDoS Protection
Free Dedicated IP
NA & EU Locations
1 GBps Port (8 Gbps)
Low Latency
Free Server Transfers
Java Version Changer
Java & Bedrock Edition Servers
Unlimited Slots
Scheduled Tasks
Resource Analytics
1 Backup
24/7 Uptime
1 MySQL Database
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Why choose Stellanode for your Minecraft server?

Our plans come with

Secure Connections

Unlike most hosting companies, we use SFTP for server connections instead of FTP. FTP is the traditional file transfer protocol, and SFTP is a secure alternative to FTP which allows you to transfer files with an extra layer of security by employing SSH (secure shell) encryption.

Powerful Hardware

All of our nodes are fully equipped with cutting-edge hardware to ensure that your servers run as quickly, reliably, and as smoothly as possible. To keep load times low and fun times high, blazingly fast NVMe storage and DDR4 RAM are used.

Free Subdomain

Every single product comes with a free subdomain (optional) for your server address, making it much easier for players to join your server; they would connect with [yourname].stellanode.com rather than a standard number IP such as ''.

DDoS Protection

We use Cloudflare Magic Transit which defends entire IP subnets against DDoS attacks while also accelerating network traffic. It mitigates attacks by utilizing Cloudflare's global network as well as two fundamental networking protocols, BGP and GRE, for routing and encapsulation.

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MCServerTime VIP Status

We have partnered with MCServerTime to provide a free 30 day VIP status ($15 value) on their website in return for purchasing a Minecraft server from us. This status will get your server the "VIP" tag on all of their webpages as well as an additional 200 votes to move your server up the leaderboard. All you have to do is contact us!