Frequently Asked Questions


Can I transfer my current server to Stellanode?

Yes, you can effortlessly transfer your present server to Stellanode with the click of a button by using our control panel's SFTP importer tool.


Can I create multiple servers?

Yes, you can create multiple servers under the same Minecraft Hosting plan by contacting us.

What if I need a second port for X plugin?

You can create up to 10 ports with the click of a button through our control panel. Our control panel will generate a random port, but you can contact us to request that a specific port be opened, or if more than 10 ports are needed.

Can I use plugins or mods?

Yes, you can upload your own plugins and mods to our control panel. You don't even have to leave our website to use our built-in file editor. If you want to use your own SFTP client, we also supply SFTP login information

What version of java do your servers run on?

We have several Java versions available. With a single press of a button on our control panel, you'll be able to switch between versions. You have the option to change the Java version at any moment.

Will my server go offline when I log off?

No, it is not required for anyone to be present on your server for it to be online. All of our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Discord Bot

Can I create multiple bots?

Yes, you can create multiple bots under the same Discord Bot Hosting plan by contacting us.

What should I do if my Discord bot requires a database?

You can create a database with the click of a button on our control panel.

Will I be able to create a backup of my data?

Yes, our Discord bot plans come with a maximum of three backups of your bot. Your backups are easily managed from within our control panel.